The World Inside (O Mundo Aqui Dentro)

Short Film


Camila is in a controlling relationship, cut off from her family. She spends her days alone inside the apartment reading a book that serves as her window to the outside world. But keeping this secret can be dangerous.

Becoming Lucy

Short Film


Lucy, 15, blames her mother for her father leaving them for a 24 year-old blonde. When she finds out her crush at school likes blondes, she dyes her hair to get the attention of both men.

Also available on Ep. 10 of Season 1 of Discover Indie Film Series on

Food For Thoughts

Short Film


Much to Hope's dismay, when her boyfriend dumps her a parade of memories of her exes is triggered by things around her house that are connected to these past relationships. But she will get the last laugh.


Short Film


After a first date, Mary wonders if he will call or not.