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Eddy dreamed of a job in photography, but what he got was taking pictures of bratty kids and people wearing “Goofy" hats to the wrong park. After befriending a few of the many interesting people that work in Joyland, words of warning soon come as he discovers his new boss, Richard, is not the positive role model he had anticipated. His expectations of taking beautiful photos of happy park patrons is soon replaced with quotas, fake smiles, and learning that everyone wants their picture taken, whether they like it or not. Richard seems hellbent on destroying any dreams Eddy may hold as he works to mold his ambition into his corporate image. Can Eddy find the strength hidden in his new friends to hold true to his ideals, or will he break, here at the Joyland Theme Park?


Lift-Off Spring Showcase
Film Invasion Los Angeles
Seoul WebFest
Dances With Films
Copenhagen Web Fest
Baltimore New Media Web Fest
Houston Comedy Film Festival - Winner of the Best Comedy Series Episode Award
Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival

Lighthouse International Film Festival


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James Hughes    
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James Hughes
Luisa Novo

Austin Carr
Robert Olsen
Colin A Borden
Josh Nadler
Cameron Gilliam
Daisy Fernandez

Chris Carmona
Nick Schwartz
Gonzalo "Pipo" Wagner
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Mario Torres Torres
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Omar Barahona

Ian Van Der Werff
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Kyle Stephens
Jazmin Aguilar
Alana Jordan Balagot
Matias Piegari
Matias Piegari
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Eddy thinks he’s a blank slate, unassuming even to himself, but he’s about to see who he really is here in Joyland. Photography has always been his passion and he wants to make a career of it, though he never quite realized how difficult that would be. He tries to hold to his convictions while working in Joyland, as this job will pay the bills, but it could also kill his dreams. He must decide if he will keep true to what gives him purpose or sacrifice it to thrive in this new corporate driven environment. He quickly finds himself intrigued by Harvey’s abrasive but thoughtful actions as he begins to vet him as a potential role model. Upon meeting Alice he can’t help himself from wanting to know more about her, and their conversations only make him want to talk more with her, even when they don’t always agree. He initially thought his boss Richard would serve as his role model, but after his first day with him, he questions what success here at Joyland will cost him.



Richard doesn’t do anything without getting something in return. In work and life, he has grown cold and calculated in order to gain the position he now holds as a co-manager of the photography department.  He harbors a long dormant crush for his co-manager, Susan, who manages the character photographers, and finds himself weak to her sweet demeanor. Once an artistic dreamer like many here in Joyland, no one knows exactly why his dreams died or even what they were, but he likes it that way. His ambition now drives him toward upper management, but first he must rid himself of the last vestige of his old life, Harvey.


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Alice is a Spanglish speaking, white passing, young Mexican American woman who has had to learn to watch out for herself. Though the “Princess” here in Joyland, she dreams of one day becoming a lawyer so that she may find a way to bring her deported father back to the country. She can often be found hidden in her headphones, books, drawing pads or anything that will put a barrier between herself and others. Despite being slow to trust and stubborn at times, she is a good judge of character and values anyone who can change her mind. When push comes to shove, she knows how to get things done. Very few people have found their way through her defenses, but Charlie and Harvey are two of them. She adores them and values their friendship above all here in Joyland. Initially she didn’t really think much of Eddy, that is until he made her question her thoughts on one of her favorite characters. Alice has never really paid much mind to Richard as he hasn’t really affected her, until now as he started to annoy her and she feels she may need to do something about it. But for now, she waits.



Harvey has always followed his dreams, although he has never achieved them. His drive remains, just hidden within his work and under his relationships, responsibilities and vices. Often blinded to his bad eating habits, he only really tries to change them when pushed by his significant other, Charlie. Working in the park for the last decade, Harvey’s seen it crush the many dreams of those around him, including his childhood friend, Richard. Although once good friends, their lives took very different paths, leading to many years as ideological enemies here in Joyland. His experiences have caused him to hold disappointingly tight to his dreams and he won’t be truly happy with himself until he learns to appreciate life as it is now, working as a talented blue-collar actor. Always one to vet Richard’s new hires, Harvey realizes his foe has made a mistake with the new guy, Eddy, and decides to take him under his wing, in the hopes of giving him a chance of happiness at the park. Harvey sees Alice as the little sister he never had as he remains protective of her and invested in her emotional well-being. Harvey met Charlie years ago, before he discovered really himself, and through their friendship blossomed a relationship that has stood strong ever since.



Charlie’s always known who he is, an over-confident beauty of a man, but struggles with how he fits into the real world. He comes from a religious family who, aside from his older brother, all but disowned him. Initially in Joyland, he used his role of “Prince Charming” as conformity practice for his family reunions, but through the influence of his partner, Harvey, he has learned to love the art and craft of acting. Harvey was once his friend, then best friend, then his partner and now his everything, they have grown with each other over the years and it shows. Alice is unknowingly his ward, she sparks his motherly instincts and he remains diligently protective of her. Eddy gives him similar feelings, like another baby bird that needs looking after here in Joyland.



Mark is exactly who he thinks you want him to be… if your name is Richard. Mark found this job before he could really discover himself as a person and his survival instinct keeps him as Richard’s perfect “yes” man. Stuck in an arrested development, Mark works hard to avoid any real feeling of his own self, in fear of being found out as anything other than a loyal soldier here in Joyland. Deep down though, there is a someone with an original thought locked away in that head, a prisoner of their fears.

One filmmaker friend informally shares an idea with his other filmmaker friend. What happens behind the scenes of a theme park, when the characters you know are on their break? That's how it all started. James told Luisa about this idea and she was immediately hooked. It had everything they liked: comedy, heart, an interesting and unexplored world, and it fit into the category of the workplace comedies they loved. It was years in the making, and throughout the process they found their voice as creative individuals who know all too well what following a dream feels like. Working for a corporate entity in a creative capacity, like our characters in breakLAND, is the same as working in the film industry. There's a push and pull between giving up your ambitions and settling and holding on to dreams that seem far away. Honing your craft and making a paycheck while your big break doesn't come. 

We want breakLAND to feel similar to one of our favorite shows, Superstore, a place where people visit every day, but remain blind to the trials and tribulations of those who work within. Together with hilarious workplace situations, they will face challenging moral choices and grow as people as they make friends and enemies at the Joyland theme park.
Key Creatives
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Born in Texas and raised everywhere from a trailer park in Washington State to the Seminole Tribal Reservations of South Florida, James has very much grown up inside his own head. He moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend the New York Film Academy Director’s Program, a place that allowed him to meet and continue to work with some amazingly dedicated peers. He has written and performed stand-up comedy at The Comedy Store, The Improv, Flapper’s Comedy Club and studied improv theatre with UCB and The Groundlings.

James has directed a couple of short films, including the psychological thriller The Interrogation now entering the festival circuit as of 2021. He has written a few award-winning short scripts, including The Hitler Paradox, currently sitting high on the Coverfly’s “The Realist” list. With his experience, James set his mind to the task of writing a workplace comedy web series that would eventually become breakLAND, with the initial script winning three awards, including “Best New Media Script” in the Hollywood Hills Awards 2018, “Best First Time Writer” in the TopShorts Film Festival, and “Best TV Script” in the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition.

Locked in a constant state of diligent note taking, James always looks for ways to expand his abilities and improve on his craft as a storyteller, with a focus on the absurd human elements hidden within our everyday lives. A terribly honest individual who has no quarrel with his past projects and the lessons they bring him, he is always eager for the next one. He has many projects on his horizon, including a dystopian thriller novella (Apartment 84), prep work to film The Hitler Paradox, a graphic novel series (Arthur and the Last Tron), and the many more episodes of breakLAND yet to be filmed.


Luisa is a Los Angeles based Filmmaker, born and raised in Cascavel - a small city in the Southwest of Brazil near the triple frontier with Paraguay and Argentina. She is drawn to stories that focus on the flaws of society and the struggles of people – especially women – that don’t fit into the constraints of a patriarchal and capitalist world. She loves dramas, coming of age stories, and heartfelt, character driven comedies. To date she has directed seven dramatic short films and two comedy web series episodes.


She was excited to dive into the comedy world with breakLAND. As a lover of TV, specially workplace comedies like The Office, Scrubs, Brooklyn 99 and Superstore, she had a lot of fun envisioning the world of the Joyland theme park and its employees. Also a first for her, breakLAND has a predominantly male viewpoint and it was a challenge and an honor to be in charge of realizing all these characters’ potentials with everything she had to offer.

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